• KFP handle and represent the members’ interests through dialogue with public and private actors in order to support and secure profitable and stable conditions for concert and club-promoters in the growth segment of Copenhagen.
  • KFP seek to support and expand diverse and inclusive communities and local cultures in the Copenhagen concert and nightlife. Furthermore to facilitate public debates based on members progressive initiatives, concerts and parties. The public dialogue can be initiated through the curation of talks, panel debates, workshops, etc. in collaboration with external actors.
  • KFP has to ensure a foundation for knowledge-sharing and a strong sense of community between members of the organization. This will be done through social activities, professional meetings, internal workshops, presentations, courses, etc. It must ensure that KFP’s members can develop and strengthen their events professionally according to their own needs.
  • KFP must welcome and outreach to new promoters in the Copenhagen growth segment and actively contribute and produce practical knowledge to the future generation of concert and party organizers.