Safer Spaces

A safer space is a space where every person (guest, artist, host etc.) works actively and commits to making everyone feel safe, seen, acknowledged and respected.

All KFP members strive to ensure the well-being of guests and create a safe environment. Members are committed to create a space where everyone feels welcome and included, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, bodytype and outfit (or lack thereof). 

Creating a safer space event is an act of co-creation between promoters and guests. If witnessing any inappropriate behavior, guests are encouraged to contact the crew or safer space ambassadors.

All KFP member crews have signed KFP’s Safer Space Manifesto.

The manifesto describes the common agreements of values and guidelines among members of KFP. The exact content of each event’s safer space policy is up to the promoter, but these are topics that may be relevant to cover: house rules, discrimination, consent, substances, freedom of expression and safer space ambassadors.

You can find the KFP Safer Space Manifesto here.