27.06.2022 – Københavns Frie Promotere x Roskilde Festival

27.06.2022 – Københavns Frie Promotere x Roskilde Festival

Meet members of Københavns Frie Promotere (Copenhagen’s free promoters) who are all party organisers in the Copenhagen electronic underground scene.

Have a talk about what it means to party with a safer space manifesto, different electronic genres or what is happening right now in the Copenhagen underground. We will serve a little something and you can give an interview for an upcoming report on party culture in Denmark.

18.06.2022 – Københavns Frie Promotere at Folkemødet

18.06.2022 – Københavns Frie Promotere at Folkemødet

Under the headline “From binge drinking to culture-driven nightlife”, we dive into a new wave of young cultural creators’ desire for a nightlife less fixated on drinking. Event organizers as well as participants across the country are fighting against big players in the commercial nightlife that feeds young people with 10 shots for DKK 100 and honorary prizes for those who can drink the most. It’s no secret that consuming large amounts of alcohol can feed into an existing party culture filled with discrimination and sexism. As a response, several event organizers from the alternative nightlife present manifestos and action plans to create a new culture. We want to start a conversation about possible alternatives to a so-called “free party” that ends up only being free for a privileged few.

27.10.2021 – Kommunalvalg 2021: Fremtidens natteliv

Kommunalvalg 2021: Fremtidens natteliv

What should the future of nightlife look like? How do we go from drinking driven, to cultural driven nightlife?
How do together combat discrimination and unwanted behavior in the nightlife?
Do politicians do enough to support the cultural, safe, and non-commercial nightlife that many young people dream of?
Join the debate on 27 October, when Copenhagen’s Free Promoters invite local election candidates and young cultural creators to a debate leading up to the 2021 local elections.
The debate is based on the new Nightlife Strategy 2021 with a focus on how we together ensure a healthier and more culturally borne nightlife in Copenhagen.

16:45 Doors open
17:15 Screening of selected ’KFP Conversations’
18:00 Debate about the nightlife of the future with municipal election candidates

Participating municipal election candidates:
– Jonas Bjørn Jensen, Socialdemokratiet
– Ane Storm, Venstre
– Frederik Kronborg, Enhedslisten
– Karina Soon Bergmann, Det Konservative Folkeparti
– Christopher Røhl Andersen & Kashif Ahmad, Radikale Venstre
– Astrid Aller og Klaus Mygind, Socialistisk Folkeparti
– Franciska Rosenkilde, Alternativet
The venue is wheel-chair accessible Ungdommens Demokratihus.

OBS: The debate will be recorded and shared via KFP’s channels afterward.
Thanks to Tuborgfondet for supporting the event and to Ungdommens Demokratihus for hosting the debate.

17.07.2021 – Vækstlagskultur i byudviklingen

Vækstlagskultur i byudviklingen

In Copenhagen, the framework for the musical growth layer is under pressure. Industrial areas are being turned into apartment complexes, DIY venues are being closed and municipal grants opportunities are limited. At the same time, cities such as Roskilde and Aarhus are leading the way with music city strategies that create space and potential for the growth segments many contributors. What are the premises for incorporating the musical growth segment in urban development?

Albert Helmig, Aarhus Volume
Mads Østergaard Nielsen, Kedelcentralen, INSP Sound
Amalie Lind, Københavns Frie Promotere

Presented by Københavns Frie Promotere (KFP) in collaboration with Promus & SPOT+

Friday 17. September 2021
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13.08.2020 – Klub- og koncertkulturen under pres

Klub- og koncertkulturen under pres

The association Københavns Frie Promotere presents in collaboration with Strøm a panel discussion about the challenges and potentials in Denmark’s club and concert culture.

Thursday 13. August 2020
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